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The easiest way to unlock the currency in your closet.

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How it works

We make it easy for you to sell your clothes online for cash, and we're not like the other guys. Don't wait for that mystery buyer to arrive, ignore the ghosting and the back and forth messages. Just tell a few things about your item, upload a photo and get an offer the same day (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm).


Here's our promise to you: A simple, transparent process. An offer the same day you submit your item.* A free shipping label that you can use to drop your item off at one of our 7,000 locations throughout the UK, and instant payment as soon as we receive and verify your item.

Get an Offer

Upload a photo and description of your item via our form. We will send an offer via WhatsApp

Send it for free

Pack your item, print the free shipping label and drop it at your nearest EVRI location

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Get Paid

We pay you via PayPal as soon as we've received and verified your item

What our customers say


LEe Grove

This business does not mess about
I sent them my sons outgrown stone island second hand clothing all genuine and good quality. Days later funds were payed into PayPal as agreed will use again 💯.


Buy-Back is a great experience
Great experience, super good communication, and paid really quickly! Second time using the Buy-Back and faultless again!


I'd 100% recommend this service.
I’d 100% recommend this service, all sorted in a few days, fair price and swift payment, don’t waste time on other auction sites getting offered peanuts, this is legit, professional and reliable.

Free shipping

We use EVRI to ship your item to us. Each package can have multiple items, up to 10, so we definitely encourage you to get a valuation on multiple items at the same time. There are over 7000 ParcelShops in the UK, and more in Ireland and throughout Europe. Simply print the label we provide, stick in on your package and drop it off at your nearest ParcelShop. Find your nearest one here.

How long does it take for my package to get to you?

It typically takes 3-5 days for your package to travel to us. We aim to verify your item the same day we receive it (Monday to Friday) and you get paid instantly as soon as we've confirmed it matches your description and is authentic.

get paid instantly

We will verify your item as soon as it arrives at our warehouse and pay you immediately via PayPal. We've paid out over £200,000 to our members. Upload your first item today to find out how easy it is to #GETRESPONSIBLE.

Verify your PayPal account to get paid instantly

Occasionally PayPal withholds payments as a fraud-prevention measure. Add a bank card and mailing address to your account to ensure that all payments are released immediately. Find out more here.

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how do you value my item?

We've been buying clothes for quite a while now. We've paid out over £200,000 to our members. Our valuation team look at the information you've provided and make you the best offer we can based on our knowledge of its value on other marketplaces.

When you submit your item you tell us the brand, size, colour and type - for example hoodie. You also tell us the condition based on our four grades:

  • Great condition - it's basically new. No stains, no holes, no smelly pits. We never sell brand new items, but we do pay a premium for almost new.

  • Good condition - it's not new, but it's really close. Some signs of wear on close inspection are totally fine, but not marks, stains or other imperfections that are visible from a distance.

  • Clear signs of wear - it's well worn, but will still make its new owner really happy. Minor holes, rips or stains are ok, providing they can be repaired.

  • Low quality - it's almost done. We will do our best to repair and resell these items, but most of them go to recycling. We don't accept many low quality items, but occasionally it makes sense for us to do so.


Our offer to you is based on the condition of your item and the price we think we can resell it for. We offer you the best price we can.


Circularity is a simple concept, it means that a product has an end-of-life plan when it's finished being used. In fashion, most products don't have a plan which is why so many clothes end up in landfill.


This is where RESPONSIBLE comes in.


We ensure that anything we sell or that our partners create, comes with a buy-back reward when you send it back. We take the product, refurbish and resell it. If that can't be done, we fully recycle the materials in a responsible way.

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